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Lingual Braces Specialist

Katherine Park, DMD -  - Orthodontist

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Katherine Park, DMD

Orthodontist located in Upper West Side & Midtown East, Murray Hill, New York, NY

As a top orthodontist in New York City, Dr. Park is a leading provider of Incognito lingual braces, which are designed to fit behind the teeth so they're completely hidden from view.

Lingual Braces

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are braces that are attached to the back surfaces of your teeth. They can shift your teeth into their proper positions just like traditional metal braces that use bands to encircle your teeth or ceramic braces that attach to the front surfaces of your teeth, but because they're attached to the back surfaces of teeth, lingual braces cannot be seen while you're wearing them.

What happens during treatment with Incognito® lingual braces?

Treatment begins with an impression or cast of your teeth that is sent to a dental lab. The cast is scanned into a computer to create three-dimensional models that show how your teeth will have to move to come into alignment. Based on those models, custom brackets are created to fit your teeth. These brackets are placed on the rear surfaces of teeth, and during treatment, a series of wires are attached to the brackets to help gently guide teeth into their proper positions over time.

Do lingual braces feel odd?

Lingual braces will take some getting used to, but so do traditional braces and ceramic braces that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth.

What issues can Incognito® lingual braces treat?

Lingual braces can treat nearly any orthodontic issue, but they're not ideal for every patient. Having a braces consultation prior to treatment is the best way to determine if Incognito® lingual braces are right for you or if you might do better with a different treatment option. Incognito® lingual braces are also available in a “lite” version designed to treat only the six front teeth – those that are most visible when you smile.

What benefits do Incognito® lingual braces offer compared to Invisalign®?

Incognito® lingual braces are completely invisible and they do not have to be removed when eating, which means they're always in place doing the job of straightening your teeth.


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