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Jaw Surgery Specialist

Katherine Park, DMD -  - Orthodontist

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Katherine Park, DMD

Orthodontist located in Upper West Side & Midtown East, Murray Hill, New York, NY

Some orthodontic issues can be best treated with jaw surgery to correct serious alignment and structural problems. Dr. Park is a skilled provider of advanced jaw surgery techniques to help patients in and around New York City correct major issues so they feel more confident and enjoy better oral health.

Jaw Surgery Q & A

When is jaw surgery used?

Also called orthognathic surgery, jaw surgery is used to correct significant issues that can have an impact on the way your jaws and mouth function, including issues that make it difficult to chew, speak and even sleep. Many patients find jaw surgery also provides tremendous aesthetic benefits by helping the entire face achieve better balance and proportion. Before any surgery is performed, a comprehensive evaluation including x-rays or other diagnostic imaging will be performed to develop a plan of care and treatment designed specifically for you needs and treatment objectives.

What issues can jaw surgery correct?

Jaw surgery can help correct several issues, including:

  • problems biting and chewing
  • chronic mouth breathing and sleep apnea
  • temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), which can cause chronic headaches and persistent jaw discomfort
  • excessive tooth wear, which can weaken teeth and make them more vulnerable to decay and even loss
  • open bites, which cause an open space between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed
  • receding chin
  • pronounced upper lip
  • unbalanced facial appearance

Is jaw surgery used in combination with orthodontics?

Many types of jaw surgery are followed by orthodontic treatment to help ensure your bite is ideally aligned. Each person's treatment will be different, but you can discuss the possible need for orthodontics during your evaluation and consultation prior to surgery.

How can I tell if I need orthognathic surgery?

If it's suspected you might benefit from jaw surgery, you'll have a complete evaluation including x-rays or other types of diagnostic imaging to diagnose your issues so it can be determined if jaw surgery would be a good option. A comprehensive evaluation also serves as the basis for your plan of care to ensure the best possible outcome.


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