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Braces Consultation Specialist

Katherine Park, DMD -  - Orthodontist

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Katherine Park, DMD

Orthodontist located in Upper West Side & Midtown East, Murray Hill, New York, NY

Dr. Park helps patients throughout New York City understand their options when it comes to braces and the different options and benefits. Each patient with braces the consultation services are aimed at ensuring each patient gets the best braces option for his or her unique needs.

Braces Consultation

What is the purpose of a braces consultation?

A braces consultation is the best way to learn about the options that can be used to help straighten your teeth, as well as the steps involved in treatment. Today, there are several types of braces available, and each one offers specific advantages for different types of alignment problems. Not every type of orthodontic device is ideal for every patient, and your consultation will be focused specifically on reviewing your needs. During your braces consultation, you'll learn about the different options for straightening your teeth so you can feel confident in the treatment you receive to get a beautiful, healthy-looking smile.

What kinds of braces options are available?

Today, you can choose from traditional metal braces, Invisalign® clear aligners, ceramic braces and lingual braces that are fitted to the backs of the teeth so they're completely invisible.

How long will it take for my teeth to become straight?

That depends on the issues you're facing. Many patient can complete treatment within two years, but some patients require slightly more time. Once your treatment with braces is complete, you'll also need to wear a retainer to help your teeth adjust and become stable in their new positions. You'll learn more about your treatment, including duration, during your consultation appointment.

How much will my braces cost?

Again, that depends on the type of braces you have and whether you have insurance that will cover the costs or a portion of them. Most insurance companies do not cover the full cost of orthodontics, but we can help you find a payment plan or financing arrangement that helps make your treatment affordable.

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